How to Choose the Perfect Air Purifier Size

Air purifiers are a complicated product to purchase. You may think it is easy to find the one that is right for your use case, but there are so many factors to consider. One of the factors is the size of the air purifier. If you are struggling to pick the ideal size of air purifier for your needs, read through our helpful guide.

Where is the Air Purifier Going?

The first thing that you must figure out is how you want use the air purifier. Where is it going? Will you be using it to purify the air in a small bedroom? Massive living room? The entire house? These are the questions you must answer.

Square Footage

Most air purifiers will have a certification for the maximum square footage they can support. If you are getting an air purifier for a single room, it is time to measure the room so you have an accurate estimation on the square footage.

If you are getting an air purifier that you want to use for the entire house you will need to calculate the square footage of all these rooms. Do it one by one and then add up the figures.

Do Not Go Unnecessarily Large

It is tempting to get an air purifier that has a higher square footage count. But if you have a bedroom that measures 150 square feet, you do not need an air purifier that is rated for 250 square feet. One that is rated for 150 square feet will do the exact same job, but it will be more affordable.

To purify the air in more than one room, you could either get a large air purifier and then use the central air system to move the air around. Or you could get many smaller air purifiers for each room. We believe the latter option is easier, but every use case is a bit different.